Metis – Goddess of Practical Wisdom in Mature Women

April 2014

Several years ago, the Divine decided I should write a book.  I told the Divine, “no.”  You can imagine how that worked out. Fast forward to this year and I have written a book, several short stories and many poems.  The book I ended up writing was possibly a bit different than the one the Divine had in mind, but it suited me and needed to get out. This book will soon be available on this website.

Unbeknownst to me, creating this website has set me on another journey to find my true self. Now, I know who I was, but who am I now?  As I said in The Story Behind the StoryMy message is simple Heal yourself. Heal your family. Heal your community. Heal the earth.  Wow. That’s a mouthful.  Could I rise to such a challenge?  I know a lot about healing myself and consider myself healed by 85 percent and I’m tired of that.  Now, it is time to play, learn new things and find me again.  I hope these actions will heal the last 15 percent of me. I’m sure learning how to pole dance fits into that category.

I think energy starts with yourself and spirals out.  One of my goals is being mindful every day about my family, my community, the earth and me.  I am going to do more dance and painting. I eventually wish to travel to Africa and assist women and children. I hope to take more chances and push my comfort zone.

I will explore other ways to heal, in a fun and spontaneous way, and share them through my writing. Some of my experiments will include exercising my creativity more, inviting more people into my outer world, continuing to share my insights, healing experiences and investigating various modalities for spiritual, emotional growth. I look forward to sharing the results in this space.

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