If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be? There is just one caveat: the wishes can only be for you!

Find a quiet, special place inside your home, light a candle and listen to some beautiful music, or sit outside in nature under a tree, near water, or under the stars.

Hold something that is sacred to you, like a special crystal, poem, a picture, tiny bells, or a featherto name just a few. Shut your eyes and dream.

I will let you in on a secret, here are mine:

1. Heal deeply
2. Align with proper mentors for my business idea
3. Abundance

Once I believed in myselfthat I could create something that other people might also wantthe puzzle pieces began to come together and I could see a shape forming. Once I saw the shape in my mind, I created it physically, so I could hold it and see how I could improve it.

I began to ask myself some basic questions. For example, is this something I would have wanted when I was in emotional hardship, still in the process of dismantling an old life and healing core issues? Who would want to buy it? How would I sell it? Which age group do I see this appealing to? What type of healing would it be used for? Could it branch off into other things? Does this help bring love and healing into the world?

This is the beginning of a new way of being. I lived serving the man for so long that I had lost touch with how to stand on my own. I am remembering now that I have the skills and wisdom to get me where I need to go. Writing about my deeper past helps me remember all the transformations I have made it through and survived.

On the practical side, there is nothing like having my sister light a fire under me. She reminds me that the support money will end one day and nothing is really for certain anyhow. I need to be emotionally strong and financially secure for the time when I will be reunited with my younger son. Above all, I dont want to enter another relationship where I am dependent on a man financially. There is a steep price to pay for giving away your power for financial security. I got those lessons loud and clear. Im still unraveling from those relationship roots.

Now my idea is becoming more than I originally imagined!

The mentors that I asked for showed up so easily, it was ridiculous. All of my questions were answered, or I was given the name of someone who could help me if what I needed wasnt their expertise.

This is just an inkling, but many of my mentors and suppliers are not from this country. Wouldnt it be wonderful if I could use that International Affairs degree I received prior to marriage and babies? That would be the completion of a circle with one long detour!

A few pointers:

If you are new to good things happening in your life, you might be wondering what the catch is. I understand that type of thinking, because that is exactly where my mind went. Remind yourself that you deserve a new life that is creative, fulfillingand yes, filled with abundance. Perhaps you have reached a time in life where you have enough skills and wisdom from the school of hard knocks to help you navigate people and situations that are best suited for you in this new life. There is a reason why you have been sucker punched way too many times!

Keep moving forward, take tiny steps, and you may notice that the sky hasnt fallenand even better, that people and situations will come into your life when you are ready to receive. This is, after all, a divine plan just for you. But first you have to learn how to surrender a lot, trust, and believe in yourself and your invisible helpers! Everything that is happening in your life now is supposed to be. Patience might be something gained from your long journey. Its worth the wait.

Express gratitude to Spirit for your wishes being granted when you notice that happening. Surround yourself with people who like your ideas, and block out the voices of others who dont. If a negative thought pops in, tell yourself five things you love about yourself.

Three Wishes


I wish I had a yellow cat
To sit before the fire.
If only I could have just that
‘Twould be my heart’s desire.

I wish I had an open fire
To warm my yellow cat.
‘Twould gratify my soul’s desire
If only I had that.

I wish I had a little home
To hold my cat and fire,
And then I’m sure that I would have
My very heart’s desire


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