“No, Aunt Em, this was a real truly live place. And I remember some of it wasn’t very nice. But most of it was beautiful, but just the same, all I kept saying to everybody was ‘I want to go home.'”

Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz



THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. It’s been over six years since I created a website I hoped would be a guidepost for others who were awakening spiritually and getting to know themselves deeper through writing. Of course, healing and finding a purposeful life are the intention. My journey began twenty years ago when, as a young mother of two, I felt unhappy with my life and marriage. I reached out to God and prayed for an answer, as I did not have the financial means, or working skills to survive on my own with two children. I asked God to heal my marriage.

A lightning bolt connection occurred instantly. I felt it and could not deny the love energy that swept through my body. I even heard Many of God’s children feel as though they have been damaged from life’s experiences. This cracked me open further; I nearly doubled over. My life growing up was extremely painful and filled with shame. Forgetting about it and creating a perfect-looking life was the way I tried to move on. During this connection with our Creator, I slipped in, “Please heal me.”

I felt seen by the unseen world for the first time in my adult life.

That experience triggered a response for me to write about my childhood, which led to recalling scenes in my early adulthood I wanted to forget, including some parts of my marital years; both pleasure and pain generated together, leaving me eager for my new role as seeker. The process of writing helped me become conscious of memories long since passed and deeply repressed.  

Our personal history is important to remember, in order for us to become conscious and learn from it. This new creative endeavor helped me find certain keys to questions I have always had about myself and my family. 

Word by word, I felt like I was becoming whole. Answering who, what, where, and how was important for me to learn as I explored looking at the roles and decisions of my distant and not-so-distant ancestors in this lifetime and many decades passed. Looking at their shadow-self honestly helped me understand my own. I recognized unhealthy patterns and cycles passed on to me from my ancestors, which also allowed healing and clarity, so I need not pass on the cycles to my own children. 

I used to wonder about my life, “Why did those things happen to me?” Now, I realize those experiences happened for me. There were happy ones and painful ones, but that is where the jewels lie. This is how we grow as souls and can be used as a source for remembering to connect to human beings through the lens of all the roles we have played in our lifetime. 

Forgiveness happens in introspection and hopefully heals to the point where our children will not have to take on that responsibility and karma. I believe families need to be more transparent about the darker aspects of their family history. Families that heal together; pray together; stay together, if not as a couple, but at least as partners to the children they brought into the world. 

My love of old architecture, vintage clothing styles, museums, music, food, celebrations, spiritual beliefs, and traditions awakened what was lying dormant inside through storytelling to myself, which caused me to realize many of those loves were influenced by my parents and their parents. This was something I wanted to reintegrate back into my current life to express in my own way, simply because it gives me joy. The more authentic I lead my life, the more I feel like me. 

Twelve years later, I felt done with my exploration. Forgiveness for myself, husband, and family members caused deep healing which was not something I originally expected, but gladly accepted. Writing, in its own way, helped me feel witnessed by the spiritual realm. Through all my mishaps, when I felt alone and abandoned, I was really watched over and carried.

Writing a fictional book, from piles of pages I had written over many years, was the cherry on the top of a hellish experience of bringing back old trauma to be looked at honestly for healing. I had mastered what I believed to be a spiritual and grief healing process for others to follow. I felt ready to stand on my own for the first time in a long while. This was supposed to be a new beginning for me, but one I knew would not include my partner, the father of my two children and husband of nearly eighteen years, whom I had known for twenty three years. My website was just ready to go live.

I was blindsided by an assault in April 2014 and the separation from my husband, which happened nearly simultaneously. High self-esteem, feeling emotionally strong and independent was slayed in one fell swoop. All I had gained emotionally up to that point disappeared in an instant. I knew I had survived an experience I shouldn’t have. God and my angels were watching over me. My children were still young and needed me. It wasn’t time for me to go. I went through another dark night of the soul. Once again, I felt carried through those horrific days and nights that drifted into years.


So, here I am, friend. I’m still standing. I’m much older and wiser. My healing process the second time around was much different than the first one. I have concluded how special it is to be taken down in life, because rising up when no one thought you could is the biggest surprise and gift one can give oneself. Feeling comfortable in your home within—rooting down—has everything to do with feeling comfortable in our home on earth. Balancing the yin and yang energy within, through a healing process with Spirit, has made me more willing to speak my mind, change outdated templates, and say no to old ways of being, so I could honor my vision for staying true to myself. I am creating a business which is healing, beautiful, and will help others. 

The House of Kelleher was born from all of my life’s experiences to find comfort and feel beautiful, even when life feels uncomfortable and downright messy. My products are curated for your healing journey to create ritual, find answers, and balance to prepare us to spread our wings and fly for the first time solo, whole and in charge. 

Many of us on the planet today are empaths, angel warriors, and from other planets who bring great wisdom to help with the shift in consciousness that is happening to mankind. We are preparing to take on new positions in servitude to others, and our earth, as we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which has the ultimate goal of individual freedom and liberation by balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. 

Eventually, we will find us resonating in Aquarius’s highest values: humanitarianism, reason, innovation, knowledge, and people working towards a greater goal. Every person in life has a chance to create a revolution that begins within, which will ripple out, touching our families, friends, communities, to people on the other side of the world, God’s green earth and the Cosmos. You are important, no matter how big or small you perceive your part to be. 

What sort of revolution will you create? Together, we will blossom to create a Mother of a Revolution™™. May you heal, feel, and bloom without abandon. It’s never too late.

Take Care!










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