Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt, 1905

Be authentic. 

Breaking the generational pattern of silence, one family at a time.

Feeling it, is healing it.

I am considered the family historian who healed my “mother and father” wounds through writing and from my connection back to our Creator within, which was always there; only my beliefs had changed. Healing and forging a new relationship with our inner Divine Mother and inner Divine Father fosters healing like no other. I may not have degrees in psychology, or metaphysics, but I did graduate from the school of hard knocks that many of us, as souls experience on earth “school” that formulate to life lessons and unexpected wisdom. Not only am a survivor from childhood trauma, I also re-created a new, creative life after unexpected blows that occurred during the last six years. In this blog, I hope to illuminate a path that normalizes healing ancestral trauma, changing unhealthy patterns, awakening spiritually, balancing the divine masculine, as well as the divine feminine within, fostering the gifts the new children are bringing in and building a new earth by birthing our innate potential in the modern world.

We have to heal ourself in order for the Christ light to burst out. 

Who is your inner child and why do you need to open the door for her to come out? This is a part of you that was hurt, traumatized, and put away to be dealt with later, only to be forgotten. Having children, or experiencing other worldly “triggers” helps us connect to the cuts that makes us feel as though we are less than. Who told you that? And why? Often they were our parents’, siblings’, or extended family’s wounds that were passed onto us by their own parents or significant elders. These wounds have a life of their own until you look back at that experience, invite your child within to explore this inner journey with you, so you can integrate those “forgotten” experiences, and reclaim the dark and light aspects of yourself. 

No more secrets. 

Breaking the generational patterns of silence by sharing our wounds with our wounded family elders, opens the door to heal together, which is liberating, creating an authentic relationship between adult and child. This new way of being can be learned and passed down to our children, so that they can continue positive healing patterns themselves to pass on. Affirming our positive qualities, “I am creative, I am curious” helps release the anchor that has held us back from creating the life that we were always meant to experience. By creating a new relationship with our inner Divine Mother and inner Divine Father, we are able to receive and apply guidance in our earthly lives, heal at new levels, so we can live conscious lives that are not compartmentalized or inconsistent. 

How the journey in my spiritual evolution turned into Mother of a Revolution™™.

In 1996 I was married and had two children—fourteen months apart—by the time 1998 rolled around. My mom was not the best role model, but I did have two sisters who were a few steps ahead of me in motherhood. Whether I recognized it consciously or not, my grandmothers influenced me in their own ways too. My own mom battled depression, and self-medicated with alcohol and prescriptions, which seemed to make matters worse. It was not easy growing up with chaos and unpredictable behavior and her fluctuating mental states.

As a new mom myself, I made an internal decision to be the opposite mom of the one I experienced. Despite my positive intentions, without doing any internal work on healing my wounds, this was superficial and naive approach. Soon, I created a mom’s group, so I could have adult conversations and give support to others dealing with similar roles and struggles. Maybe I could prevent another child neglect statistic by listening and offering advice or helpful resources to those suffering in silence.

My desire for perfecting the role as perfect mother with wisdom soon unraveled when my husband and children began to trigger certain aspects that had not been looked at before. I didn’t realize that I was creating situations to face certain unresolved situations within. 

Spiritually awakening in the years ahead, coming to terms with heavy, traumatic experiences from my past, healing on my own accord, without other mothers to talk to felt isolating. Exposing my spiritual, healing experiences, and insights lacked a safe place to explore with other mothers in the group I had bonded with over the years during playdates with our kids, which felt risky. I could no longer ignore what I saw, which was a lack of depth in our conversations. Allowing the group to fold, gave me time to concentrate on writing, healing, and re-defining my roles as wife, mother, and sister by using my voice for the first time.

A Macro Look

Healing my wounds by confronting those experiences and elders from my past paved a path for me to look at and confront what is really happening at the macro level in our country and world, particularly to children. During my writing process, I used pictures, music, watched old movies and tv shows to bring up feelings and reminisce for a macro inspection. I could see in my own family, friends, neighbors, community culturally and how each generation changed from the last one, and sadly not for the better, in many respects. I was left unsure as to why.

Since Covid hit, the bandages have been ripped from our eyes, and we are seeing people in positions who no longer fit in the world we are moving towards. It is clear that the institutions, systems, and cultural norms that once protected and brought us together is now damaging us and breaking us apart. 

What is crying from our past to protect and rejuvenate? What do we want to let go of? Each one of us has the ability to contribute something positive they remember experiencing as a child or young adult that that would benefit and heal our nation now. Healing internally is a revolutionthat ripples out, eventually creating a Mother of a Revolution™™. How big of a ripple depends on you.

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