I realise there’s something incredibly honest
about trees in winter. How they’re experts at
letting things go
.” Jeffrey McDaniel–

Hello soul friend, I hope this finds you well on this crisp November day. I am in love with this time of year. The leaves remaining on the trees are golden, bronze, and red. The fallen leaves whistle and fly in the wind as I walk or drive down the streets.  Certainly, a slice of heaven near the mountains. Sweater weather has arrived, at least in the morning in my neck of the woods. Has this been your experience, too? Shorter days and longer nights in darkness is what my heart craves. This time of the year is a signal for me to dial inward.

My inner clock works best just past Halloween, as daylights saving’s time grants us and extra hour to sleep. This allows my mind and body to slow down to the point where ‘chores’ such as preparing a meal feels more like mediation as I am  washing, peeling, cutting onions, seasonal root vegetables; thinking of a comforting dinner I could prepare as my dishwasher hums along. Ho hum.

Recipes I know by heart after merely watching or helping my mom in the kitchen float to my awareness. Savory vegetable, lentil, chicken soups, stews, roasted meats, spicy chili slowly cooked for hours on the stove or crockpot will send warm notes of homestyle goodness through all the rooms of my house.

The thought of tucking myself into bed, reading or writing, with the mountain view outside of my window, cloaked in darkness, sprinkled with stars after having a candle lit bath is what brings me to a comfort level like no other time of the year. These experiences that I remember from years long since passed merely from being immersed in darkness, helps me shut out all the distractions lightness offers, so I can access my core essence, and energy, as well as strength for my soul to prepare me for whatever comes up for me the next day. 

My Parents Celebrating.

My dad was a story teller and my mother was a creative writer. I am, too. Language is my chosen path for self-discovery—connecting you and me. 

My desire to share stories, wisdom, memory, reflections, how to access the higher realms, and self is what I live for, so I can be of service to you. I will leave up blog posts that I have written in the last few years, as it may be a guidepost for others to keep moving forward when life feels unstable and unknown. We are, after all, moving into a world of giving freely without asking for anything in return. 

I have been busy behind the scenes preparing for my products to fully launch in the coming weeks, just in time for the holiday season. What I have found to be the case is that there have been many delays and frustrations on my part for having to deal with unexpected hurdles this has caused. Never-ending details my website demands, keeping up with timelines for creating small batch textiles, the on-going energy spent helping my son whom is neurodiverse getting the right services and being his cheerleader to try new things, getting him prepared to launch, as well as the sounding board for my other son who moves through the ups and downs from the knowledge of the darkness that has been illuminated in our outer world.

This new business venture I have stepped into has offered me opportunities to learn how to take things in stride, slow down, read details of contracts thoroughly, follow through with projects, correct errors when they come up,and speak my mind when dealing with others, particularly when things move off track. Most importantly, when something I have counted on is blocked or rearranged to happen in the future, I have learned to accept this and focus on what is ready to move forward. These are all aspects of balancing the masculine energy within, which has been no easy feat. 

I am learning a lot about myself on this journey as an entrepreneur. As I continue to stand in my power as mother (even my two young adults need their mama’s wisdom),and also as someone who is a creator who can support herself by doing something I am passionate about and quite frankly, love, there is this allowance of space I want to keep open for writing about healing trauma as part of my repertoire of creative endeavors to bring to you. 

I find that bringing textiles one can see, feel, touch, and smell (I will get into that later), candles and the herbal bundles among the other things to bring comfort, nourishment, and joy back to the self, offsets any tough writing topic that I may move into the future which feels like a happy balance to me. 

I learned so much about myself, my connection to Spirit and the divine, my ancestors, and even my earth family through the writing process I feel it would be a disservice to myself and to you if I did not share my writing knowledge.  

Before I head out for my day, how about you give a little writing a try? It’s easy. It goes like this. 

Do you remember as a kid raking the leaves and falling into the pile with glee? When was the last time you laid on the ground? Did you feel the warm kiss from the sun? Did the wind blow against you wildly? Did the leaves coat the ground?  If those memories seem far away, how about you try this experimental experience now? 

Ancestral Healing Can Be So Appealing.

Find a place in your yard or public park that is blanketed in leaves. Sit down, or if you feel more comfortable, lay your body down on the ground. Notice how your body feels. Do you feel at peace or on the razor’s edge? Take a deep breath in and out. I guarantee, no one cares. With eyes closed, grasp some leaves and listen to the sounds they make when you crinkle them in your hands. Are the deeper layers moist or dry? Bring some leaves to your nose. Inhale deeply and breathe in again (only choose to do this if this feels right for you). Notice the expression on your face. Are you smiling? Grimacing? What words are coming out of your mouth?  Stick your tongue out and try to touch your nose. Make a leaf Angel! Spread your arms and legs as wide as you can. Feel your temperature rise. You are alive!

Lay there for five or ten minutes. Ignore the noises around you. You are connecting to the earth and the earth is connecting to you. The trees surrounding you have lost their leaves and now pad you from the harder earth. They hold their own wisdom and powerful energy, too. 

Some people feel the energy of the trees in experiences like this. If this is you, ask the trees, Gaia, Mother, whatever you call Nature, to help you ground on the earth plane, or to release old, stuck energy. Imagine the roots connecting to you, holding you, giving you support, visualize this stuck energy moving through your body, down to your feet, through to the roots underground. Visualize new vibrant energy flowing up from the roots in the earth, through to your feet and up to your energy channels. 

When you get home, look for a picture of you that reminds you when you could connect to the natural world so easily. Play some music that reminds you of this time. Light a candle, smudge yourself.  Drink something warm. 

Now, write about your experience with the leaves. Forget about writing formality, rule, structure or grammar. Just write! 

Are any childhood memories surfacing for you to acknowledge? Do you feel more playful? What feelings are coming up? Move your busy to the music. Feel to heal. I’m sure this won’t be your last time. 

Congratulations! You have just taken an invitation to remember, or this may be one of many you have taken so far. 

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