If you were abandoned, the Universe is honorable and will send someone, or inspire a way to help support you.

 Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother and a father.

The parental figures we chose didn’t mean it would be easy. Sometimes that mother is a drinker or a dater. Our fathers couldn’t hold a job or may even ran away. We go in degeneration whenever we are cut at age 7, 9 or 15 which makes us feel as though we are separate from others.

‘Who am I?’ is a journey where we turn inward and are divinely directed back home, so we can remember and do all that we can to repair; become whole.

Setting us up to be who we’re supposed to be all along.

We are the vessel for Spirit to move through us, inspiring us to create and stand up for others when all our lives are at stake.

Mother of a Revolution™ is bloodless, but not tearless, whom only the courageous will willingly partake.

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