It’s hard to believe we are already a few days into a new year. Words fall short to describe how profoundly you have connected to me in the deepest way in 2021. Whether this was through my blog, my shoppe, or even in town at the local store that carries many of my wares, I feel humbled by your encouragement and enthusiasm to continue living authentically, speaking my truth, sharing my healing journey for connection to others who are journeying to create heart expansion and more passionate creative lives, and most of all, for supporting my new creative endeavor at the House of Kelleher.

I feel RELEASING & BECOMING MORE is in store for my 2022, which means all those experiences I have had in the last year in which I have felt disappointment, distracted, postponed were learning lessons for my growth. It was also to help me trust my intuition about people, businesses that I need to let go and move on from so I can align with others who share similar values, beliefs, and care about my business as much as their own. The House of Kelleher has high standards in quality, details and integrity and this is expected from those we partner with.

The four pillars that I hold dearwhich rests upon my foundation is still Truth, Beauty, Love, and Freedom. These are the cornerstones of my beliefs for both personal and business, which I have found helps me decide what I need more of for balance in the coming years.

Releasing also means the blog posts I had which showed my personal journey and how I reached the point where I am now no longer feels like it is part of 2022.. I have decided that it is time to tuck those gems away for another medium. Perhaps a book will come out if all of those experiences in the future!

Despite all of the work I’ve done in the last three years to dream up a business that is both healing and beautiful, the House of Kelleher is not done. In fact, we are just getting started. But, I need help to do this.

As many of you know, I struggle to learn how to balance myself while I helping others in need. This aspect extends to my business. As this new year beacons change, I am reaching out to my community to ask for help in finding creative, holistically healing minded people to bring into my circle. If you have the creative skills to sew small healing products to entice slumber, collaborate to make silk nightwear, love to dabble in natural pigment dyeing and printing on textiles, lovingly create herbal sage bundles, product photographer, videographer, social media expert, or can refer me to someone who holds these skills and attributes, then drop me a line. 

Happy New Year!

Molly K. Dunn

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