On a remote beach, burning sage filled the air, drums beat in unison to the elders singing. Other villagers pushed the tiny candle lit wooden boat out to sea, to illuminate a safe passageway for the lost souls of this world, to the one beyond the mist, known as the Otherworld.

Otherworld mini 100% soy wax candle with Myrrh, Frankincense Essential Oils, Red & Green Calcite is created with love and positive intention. These candles are able to help with creating a sacred space for you to connect to loved ones who have passed over. Your ancestors are waiting for you to call on them to help you find answers, give direction, or send healing, loving vibes your way. All’s you have to do is ask!

Please do not leave candles unattended when burning. Burn on a heat proof surface. Use caution while on.


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